Phase Two

The Gatehouse Adult Support Program: Phase 2:


Building on the strengths and success of Phase 1, The Gatehouse has developed a Phase 2 program. This 16 week, male and female combined group, offers a more in-depth focus on specific topics that participants have expressed interest in during the Phase 1 program. Phase 2 is a group facilitated by a male and female Gatehouse trained facilitators. Incorporating trauma focused yoga, mindfulness living techniques and Tai Chi and Chi Kung individuals are able to further develop and enhance positive coping skills as they continue their journey of healing.

The 16 week sessions cover the following:

  • Issues, Perceptions and Belief Systems
  • Actions and Reflections
  • Self and Other
  • Moving meditations/Chi Kung/Yoga
  • Meditation and Imagery
  • Moving beyond Stuckness
  • Creating your sacred path
  • Transformation

Prerequisite for Phase 2 is completion of Phase 1.

Group schedule:

Program is offered four-six times per year.  This program is offered at no cost to the participants.