The Gatehouse Adult Support Program


Phase 1 Program "Out of the Darkness, Into the Light"


The Gatehouse Adult Support Program: Phase 1

Since 1998 The Gatehouse has offered support groups for Adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse through social reconnection, education and information on the effects that sexual abuse can have.

The 15 week peer led groups offer support for survivors of childhood sexual abuse in a safe and comfortable environment. A place to come together and have their voice heard. Our community based setting, supports adults as they move out of isolation and into inclusion as they continue their healing journey. Through facilitated discussions men and women are given the tools to develop or enhance positive coping skills and the impacts that childhood sexual abuse can have on an individual.

The 15 week groups discuss a different theme or topic each week and are led by two Gatehouse trained facilitators. Some of the topics that are discussed include:

  • Triggers
  • Moving out of isolation into inclusion
  • Anger
  • Inner child
  • Re establishing healthy Boundaries
  • Sexuality
  • Loss and grief
  • Addictions
  • Resiliency
  • Flashback and grounding techniques

Group schedule:

6-10 groups are offered throughout the year –  All groups are held at The Gatehouse location.

Female Group: Tuesday evening from 7-9pm

Male Group: Wednesday evening from 7-9pm

For further program information and to schedule a pre-group meeting contact:

Stephanie Alves, Women's Program Coordinator at 416-255-5900 x222 or via email at

Paul Dunn, Men's Program Coordinator at 416-255-5900 x222 or via email at 

Cost: There is no cost to join the peer support group programs at The Gatehouse.  However, we do ask participants support The Gatehouse through becoming members through providing a $10 membership fee. These funds support the cost of the participant workbook(s) that are used in the program. The Gatehouse is a charitable organization supported through membership, grants and donations. We do not receive any stable core funding from any goverment organization.

Thank you for your support.


"Having the opportunity to meet such strong and courageous individuals through the Support Group Program is a blessing. It reminds me how strong we all are, how far I have come in my own journey and that nothing is impossible. The Gatehouse provides the space for that to happen, a place that is safe, warm and welcoming for everyone. The Gatehouse is a place where lives are changed."

- Female Participant